2017 Red Slough Birding
Convention Guest Speakers  
Keynote Speaker
Greg Lasley   
Dr. Mia Revels  
Greg, a retired law enforcement officer, has been birding for over
40 years and now spends most of his time as a wildlife
photographer and naturalist.  He has co-authored the Texas column
for the publication "North American Birds" for 18 years, has served
on the ABA Checklist Committee for two terms, and was Secretary
of the Texas Bird Records Committee for almost 20 years.  From
1985-2005, Greg led birding tours part time for Victor Emanuel
Nature Tours and has done quite a bit of birding all over North
America, Mexico and Central America as well as parts of South
America.  He has also made more than a dozen trips to Antarctica
as a bird guide.  He has been lucky enough to visit all 50 states in
the U.S., as well as 40+ foreign countries.  
Greg sometimes refer to himself as a "Birder Gone Bad" since
after many years of focusing on birds, he went over to the "dark
side" and since about 2000 has been studying and photographing
dragonflies and damselflies.  He is an active member of the
Dragonfly Society of the Americas and has served on the executive
council of that organization.  He is also a member of the Odonata
Survey of Texas.  A number of his odonate images can be found in
Dennis Paulson's odonate guides as well as "Dragonflies of Texas"
by John Abbott which was published in early 2015.
Greg and his wife, Cheryl Johnson, reside in Dripping Springs,
Texas, which is about 15 miles west of Austin.
Mia Revels lives in northeastern Oklahoma, where she is a
Professor of Biology at Northeastern State University in
Tahlequah.  However, she is a native of southwestern Arkansas,
which is just a hop, skip, and a jump from Red Slough! Mia
completed her years of higher education in Arkansas before
moving into Oklahoma with her first faculty position.  Mia is the
very recent Past-President of the Oklahoma Ornithological
Society and is active in many other ornithological organizations
both locally and nationally.  She has been studying birds in
Oklahoma for nearly 20 years, and much of that work has been
focused on studying Swainson’s Warblers at the Little River
National Wildlife Refuge in southeastern Oklahoma.  Recently,
Mia became interested in learning more about the fall
movements of Northern Saw-whet Owls through Oklahoma. She
and her students, the "Owl Gals", have completed one field
season and in those few weeks changed the way we view
Northern Saw-whet Owls in Oklahoma forever.
Abbey Ramirez is currently a
graduate student in the Department
of Natural Science at Northeastern
State University. She graduated in
2014 from Oklahoma State
University with her bachelor degree
in Natural Resource Ecology and
Management. Abbey has always
been interested in studying birds
and has been fortunate enough to
be able study the Northern
Saw-whet Owl in Oklahoma for her
Abbey Ramirez